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What can Construction Dream Team do for YOU?!

Welcome Construction Nation!

Building things is fun! Projects can be stressful! Construction Dream Team is a resource for construction project leaders who want to trade frustration about how their projects are working, with excitement about what their project teams can achieve!

Sue Dyer, president of OrgMetrics LLC and host of the Construction Dream Team podcast, will be interviewing the best, brightest, and most accomplished industry leaders every week to share invaluable insights on exactly what you can do to build your Construction Dream Team! Using “OPE” – other people’s experiences, you will learn from those who have been there and done that, so you can put into action the lessons gleaned from dozens of exceptional leaders. Sue will also share some of her experiences based on guiding over 3,000 high-performing project teams.

The GREAT thing about podcasts is that they are FREE! You can listen in-between project sites, while on-the-go, when you’re exercising, or doing yard work – right from your phone! Way cool! We also include in-depth show notes with resources and attachments with every episode so you can save notes easily and take your learning to the next level!

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