Welcome, Construction Nation!

  • Is your construction project achieving the level of success you want?
  • Are the people on your project a “well-oiled machine” focused on project success?

If not, then let me show you how to build your Construction Dream Team.

Hi, I’m Sue Dyer. Success leaves clues. So does Failure. Why not shorten your learning-curve by listening to others who’ve discovered what works…and doesn’t work? I’m here to show you exactly how you can build a high performing project team that creates extraordinary results – so you can stop feeling frustrated and overwhelmed and find joy in building things. I will interview industry leaders, experts and share my own experiences based on guiding over 3,000 project teams.

About Construction Dream Team

Building things is fun! Projects can be stressful! Construction Dream Team is a resource for construction project leaders who want to trade frustration about how their projects are working, with excitement about what their project team can achieve.

How does she know about this stuff anyway?

As the president of OrgMetrics LLC, my team and I have had the opportunity to facilitate partnering for almost 4,000 construction project teams, over the past three decades. These teams helped me to see what works, and what doesn’t work, in building a high performing construction team. I’ve worked with project teams on multi-billion-dollar airport expansions, to wastewater treatment upgrades, to small city paving jobs, to pipelines, dams, schools, hospitals, rail, etc. You name it, I’ve probably worked with a team on that kind of project and delivery method.

This has been a great gift. It has allowed me to work to develop a process that has been proven by teams, on real projects. Structured Collaborative Partnering was developed by seeing what creates high performing teams that produce extraordinary results. The kind of teams you call your “dream team”. But dream teams don’t just happen, they are built. One step at a time. They are led by trusted leaders who follow a process for breakthrough results. It is my life’s mission to help as many teams as I can in the construction industry achieve success.

The Construction Dream Team Podcast will focus on the people side of construction. We will learn from project leaders, who’ve been in the trenches and learned how to lead their team(s) and organizations to success. We will also capture lessons learned from those who were not so successful. We will explore ideas outside construction too, so we can expand our perspective on what’s possible. Success leaves clues, and so does failure. We are going to explore both, so you can learn how you can build your Construction Dream Team!

Some of the books and papers Sue has authored

Why do I do what I do?

I LOVE CONSTRUCTION! I truly love construction.

  • I love building things.
  • I love that you must first imagine and think-up what you want to build. Then you put together a plan and it comes into reality. And people get to use the facility.
  • I love, love, love the people in construction. The salt of the earth, who succeed by the tenacity of their own making. What you see if what you get! They will give anyone a chance – if it is good for their project.
  • I love that construction builds the foundation for our entire society. We all drive, live, relax, work, play, learn in/on something someone thought-up and then built. What industry is cooler than construction?!!! It is totally awesome!

How did Construction Dream Team Begin?


It was September 1980. I was the new executive director. It was at my very first membership meeting for the construction trade association. Dinner had just completed with I heard yelling coming from the men’s restroom. I went over and found out that two of our members were having a fist fight in the bathroom! This was the moment when I developed my “non-adversarial way”. I believed that I could prove to this group of fierce competitors, that you could be at least as successful by cooperating than by competing. This set me on a path I’ve been of for almost four decades. I learned that not only can you succeed with cooperation and collaboration, you can consistently achieve things that people believe are impossible!

Today, this journey has led me to creating Construction Dream Team. For me, Construction Dream Team Podcast is about making a difference and leaving a legacy that lives on far beyond me. Today, technology allows anyone, anywhere in the world, to learn right from their smart phone. By listening to Construction Dream Team, listeners will learn from industry leaders, experts and thought leaders so they can start immediately implementing the steps to build their Construction Dream Team. And… this requires No-Extra-Time, because you can listen while you drive, do chores or exercise. Now you can easily plug into, what some have said, are the best kept secrets in the construction industry.

Don’t Worry


One thing I’ve learned is that it is never too late to experiment in new ways, to do old things. I love the idea of an experiment. You have a hypothesis of what you are going to try to achieve and set a course to try something new to get there. No matter where you are in your career, or what level you are in your organization, there are ways to improve your team and your outcomes. Some people feel that they must wait until just the right circumstances, just the right project, just the right people come together. But, the best time to start is right now, taking on small experiments and then larger ones as you learn more.

CDT is here to support you in every way


Construction Dream Team has the power to tap into the collective wisdom of the best and brightest of our industry, to share what we know works, and doesn’t work. To create a community of experimenters who are committed to improving our project (and organization’s) results. Experimenters who are willing to learn, try, and try again, until they know how to build their Construction Dream Team.