You can fail pretty fast if you are not someone who is “coachable” and willing to learn from others who have been there before you. Coaching is a really big deal, so that you learn from high level people who are where you want to be. Too often I see people who think they know everything, and think they are “the expert” after a few years. They actually close themselves off from learning from others, because they think it shows weakness. Far too often I see these folks stall out and become frustrated and disgruntled team members who blame everyone around them for their failure to thrive.

To become a leader, you need to become coachable, so you can create your dream team and life. No one succeeds alone. And, why not learn from others ‘experiences? Rather than making you look “lesser than”, it will actually accelerate you toward your goals.

How, do you become coachable?

Step 1. Look for someone who is an expert or best at something

Step 2. Learn what they do; learn from their experiences, mistakes, strengths

Step 3. Do exactly what they do

This is exactly what Construction Dream Team Podcast brings to you. I seek out construction industry leaders and experts, so YOU can learn from them how to be a trusted leader and build your construction dream team!

Construction Dream drops every Monday at 4am PST!

Visit and download a poster to put up in your office or job trailer. If you take a picture with your team and send it to me, you are eligible to with a free team lunch! Get your team members to listen and help you create your construction dream team!

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-Sue Dyer, Your Host of Construction Dream Team Podcast

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