3 Invaluable Lessons from Rob Reaugh

  1. DiSC is a no-judgment way to figure out how you and your colleagues work and communicate.
  2. Every strength we have can also be our weakness.
  3. Flexing your style allows you to get a better outcome.

This week, host Sue Dyer talks with Rob Reaugh about the DiSC Assessment, how it helps teams work together, and how project delivery can be positively affected by understanding each other’s styles better.

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About Rob Reaugh (0:50)

Rob is a certified Master level partnering facilitator with a Masters degree from Pepperdine University in dispute resolution. Rob facilitates around 150 partnering sessions per year to dozens of project teams. Rob is Sue’s go-to trainer for DiSC and has worked with dozens of teams to implement DiSC.

How Did DiSC Come to be Such a Powerful Tool? (1:30)

  • DiSC is a powerful instrument to teach project team members how they like to work, what they like to do, and how they like to speak (1:43)
  • DiSC focuses on people’s behavior at work and at home (2:15)
  • DiSC helps project team members identify their strengths and their work preferences so that they can ensure that their role is aligned with their personality (2:21)
  • When people’s work follows their personality, they have more energy – when people have more energy they can put more creativity and passion into their work (2:31)
  • DiSC helps you learn how your team members communicate (2:42)
  • You can learn to flex your communication style so your team members hear you (2:45)
  • DiSC is the most researched and utilized assessment tool in the U.S. (3:17)
  • DiSC is powerful for breaking the ice, getting teams together, building strategic goals, or for helping a construction team that’s struggling (3:30)

What Makes Up the DiSC Model (4:50)

  1. Extraversion vs. Introversion – where people pull their energy from (5:05)
  2. Introversion and Extroversion are a spectrum (8:22)
  3. Task Orientation vs. Relationship Orientation – quantity of time vs. quality of time (8:40)

What DiSC Stands For (9:30)

  • People have all four of these styles, but some stand out more than others
  • Ideally you will have a natural style, which is your perfect job, and an adapted style, which is who you are at work and what you are doing in your current role
  • D: Dominance – About 12% of the population, assertive, task focused, extraverted (10:40)
  • I: Influence – About 32% of the population, people oriented, assertive, strong communicators (12:37)
  • S: Steadiness – About 30% of the population, reserved, people oriented, excellent implementers, reliable (13:48)
  • C: Compliance – About 26% of the population, analytical and task-oriented, accurate, and detail-oriented, highly intuitive (14:30)
  • Most people have a combination of styles (15:48)

Why is DiSC So Important? (16:15)

It’s important to recognize simple categories that allow us to break our teams into groups so we can understand how people communicate. It’s helpful to look at the assessment as individuals and groups of people so you can ensure a diverse team. The tool allows us to understand whether we have people from all four strengths on a project so we have a well-balanced team.

How Does DiSC Affect the Team Working Together? (19:30)

It helps in hiring the right people for the right job; you must align the tasks of the job with someone’s personality style. The differentiators are in the details, Rob explains the differences in the styles and how they work together.

How to Use DiSC to Make Sure We Get the Right Fit on Our Teams (26:20)

  • The pacing of decision-making is really important and you have to come up with a process that works for multiple personality styles
  • People don’t argue with the stuff they help to create
  • The DiSC structure teaches teams how to resolve things without judgment

How to Apply DiSC to Team Communication and Overall Project Delivery (31:00)

  • We have to understand our own preferences (31:15)
  • When teams learn their styles they have a huge strategic advantage (33:10)
  • You have to understand internal organizational philosophy and have a strategy for both yourself and your opponent (33:45)

Rob’s Take-Home Lessons (38:05)

  1. Invest some time in using the DiSC personality assessment for new hires, leadership staff, and/or your whole team (38:00)
  2. DiSC helps improve project delivery and people’s empathy (38:55)
  3. Understand that conflict on construction projects is because of the interpretation of role or differences in work style (40:00)

How to Find a Quality DiSC Assessment (41:24)

Resources for Listeners

Building With Style Whitepaper

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