3 Invaluable Lessons from Sue Dyer at the 2019 IPI Conference

  1. Attending the IPI Conference is worthwhile both for the knowledge and the connections.
  2. Conferences are a great way to learn and grow, to see different perspectives, and learn from one another.  Make it a point to go to a conference or two this year.
  3. Partner your project for project success!

This week, host Sue Dyer talks about the Collaboration 2019 event, the 10th Annual Conference Expo and Awards for the International Partnering Institute. In this episode, Sue shares the top 10 things she walked away with after attending this event.

Sue’s Top 10 Takeaways from the International Partnering Institute-

1.    The Number of Challenges the U.S. State Department Faces to Build an Embassy or Consulate Overseas (00:55)

  1. There are rigorous security requirements
  2. You must use and train local labor
  3. Almost all materials have to come in diplomatic containers
  4. These projects become diplomatic missions
  5. These complex projects make domestic projects look much more doable

2.   The New ACRP Collaborative Partnering Research (2:50)

  1. The Airport Cooperative Research Program funded research focused on aviation projects
  2. There is $100B of construction occurring in aviation
  3. Collaborative partnering can yield a 10% cost savings along with other benefits
  4. The research includes a partnering guidebook on how to implement collaborative partnering for maximum results
  5. Learn more about the research being conducted by Sinem Mollaoglu, Associate Professor at the Construction Management Program in the School of Planning, Design, and Construction at Michigan State University in Episode #32 which will be released on July 22nd

3.    LEAN and Collaborative Partnering (4:05)

  1. There is a “marriage” happening between the International Partnering Institute (IPI) and Lean Construction Institute (LCI)
  2. The LEAN experts have a lot of tools and to implement well it takes collaborative culture and buy-in
  3. LEAN and IPI could come together to help project management teams

5.    Young Professionals (5:10)

  1. Kristin Scroggin, Owner and Lead Trainer of genWHY Communication Strategies, gave a Keynote address about the differences between the generations in the workplace
  2. Kristin will be featured in Episode #31 on August 5th 
  3. We need to learn how to work with young professionals as they’ll be the largest living working group for the next 50 years
  4. IPI’s Young Professionals Group completed a project and presented their solution to a barrier to partnering as a competition
  5. The IPI Young Professionals Group is on fire and if you’re under 35 you should join the group

6.    Chats in the Hallways (7:00)

  1. An important part of any conference is learning from one another and catching up on what’s happening all over the world

7.    Learning from Each Other and the Spirit of Camaraderie (7:30)

  1. At the IPI Conference, people are so excited about they’re learning and doing and they’re all open to what’s possible

8.    Watching the Teams Be Honored with the Partner of the Year Award (8:15)

  1. Nineteen teams from all over the world won awards of recognition this year
  2. The awards are not easy to win and the teams who were awarded should be honored
  3. One of Sue’s projects was awarded this year

9.    Watching Jeanne Kuttel Receive the IPI Chairman’s Award (9:05)

  1. Jeanne has been an industry leader and helped the industry in the water sector to become more collaborative
  2. Jeanne has developed a whole partnering program
  3. Check out Episode #38 on July 8th to hear more from Jeanne Kuttel and the CA Department of Water Resources’ new partnering program

10.   Being Recognized as a Partnering Visionary and Groundbreaker in the Industry (9:55)

  1. Sue was shocked and humbled by the recognition and thankful for the kind words

What People Like Most About the IPI Conference-

Larry Jackson – Urban Transportation Planner (10:50)

  • Larry likes the camaraderie of the event and learning new ways to collaborate
  • People are sharing their real-world experiences

Sean Graystone – Project Leadership and Delivery and Practitioner of LEAN (11:26)

  • Shawn is walking away wondering why LEAN and structured collaborative and partnering haven’t been working together
  • Both practices are on parallel tracks and can complement and augment one another
  • Change in construction in the U.S. is a long overdue need

Gregory Grabowski – Partnering Facilitator at GCC & Associates (12:40)

  • Seeing the best tools and processes of his peers are using in the industry
  • He wants everyone to benefit from the great work that’s happening across the country and world
  • Get in touch with Greg at www.grabowskicc.com

Brad White – Project Manager with Gensler (13:32)

  • He found the topics very engaging and he’ll be walking away with more knowledge around partnering and IPI
  • He’s looking forward to developing relationships within the industry

Mary-Alice Avila with Avila and Seiden Architects and Planners (14:15)

  • She’s walking away with a better understanding of how partnering works

Stewart Seiden of Avila and Seiden Architects and Planners (14:40)

  • Walking away with new partnering skills and new friends

Kevin Soiland with Campbell Grading (15:08)

  • Collaboration is important and hopefully an award

Wayne Campbell with WEBCOR Builders (15:25)

  • The most important thing in any collaboration is trust
  • You must communicate and establish trust to have a high performing team

Devin Porr Partnering Program Manager with Caltrans (16:05)

  • Walking away with a lot of knowledge and information
  • He has a better sense of himself and his place moving forward and how to evolve and improve processes

Aaron Rambo with WSP (16:45)

  • Had a great experience with the Young Professional’s group and looking forward to continuing that involvement for the next year

Paul Crotty with Ventura Consulting Group (17:05)

  • A better understanding of how technology works in a collaboration
  • He wants to know how to implement technology to provide structure and support

Jim Pappas with Hensel Phelps (17:49)

  • He understands the amount of potential that exists
  • The amount of information and connections that could be made is limitless

Judy Ross from San Jose International Airports (18:30)

  • You have to partner your project for project success

Conferences are a great way to learn and grow, to see different perspectives, and learn from one another.  Make it a point to go to a conference or two this year.  Let me know what you’ve learned when you’ve gone to your next conference – email sue@constructiondreamteam.com.

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