Hello Construction Nation! Welcome to Episode 1 of the Construction Dream Team podcast with your host Sue Dyer!

Why start a construction podcast?

As the president of OrgMetrics LLC, my team and I have had the opportunity to facilitate partnering for almost 4,000 construction project teams, over the past three decades. There is a collective wisdom in the industry that needs to be tapped into to foster more enjoyment amongst teams and successful projects.

When will podcasts be published?

Podcasts are published every Monday at 4 A.M. Pacific Standard Time. Sign up for our free newsletter to never miss a show!

The purpose of Construction Dream Team

Success leaves clues; so does failure. One of the easier ways to improve within your career is to improve your critical thinking by learning from others who have already synthesized important lessons so you can cut your learning curve! In other words, when you learn from the successes and failures of others’, you are more prepared to effectively handle the challenges of our exciting and busy industry!

Our episodes focus on helping listeners know exactly what to do in order to create a high performing project team with extraordinary results. This podcast is a resource that aims to help add excitement and joy into construction and excitement about what your project teams can achieve together!

How Does Sue Know About This?

Sue Dyer has been president of OrgMetrics LLC for the past 33 years. Her team has worked, facilitated, and partnered with other 4,000 construction project teams. All of this experience has provided an interesting look into the industry and a chance to work on all types of projects, project sizes, and delivery methods. This has allowed Sue to see the patterns of what works and what doesn’t.

Sue’s goal now is to reach out to people in the industry who have something of value to contribute. By interviewing industry leaders through this podcast, this knowledge can be shared to you! We hope each episode will give you something to learn from or think about, whether it is familiar or has the potential to challenge you to do things differently or to take on new challenges.

This knowledge can help team leaders take their projects to the next level, which will change the industry in a positive direction. There are many innovations and projects get more complex over time, but the biggest difference overall will be made by the individuals involved in each project – as leaders who make things more collaborative and integrated, so projects can be done smarter, better, and faster. Sue will speak with people within and outside of the industry to offer different perspectives. Hopefully, by listening to this podcast, listeners will see a new side of things and learn from others using a different vantage point.

Over time, Structured Collaborative Partnering developed by Sue has created repeatable processes that help teams work more effectively together. Many of the people we interview are familiar with this process. Partnering itself is a structured process that creates the norms of collaboration that allow for the integration and innovation of the team which creates extraordinary results.

Dream teams don’t just happen, they are built! Teams led by trusted leaders who follow a process for breakthrough results. The more I hear and talk to leaders, the more I hear the same things: “We had a structured process, a roadmap we used, a way to stay together, and a way to be accountable to one another.” These are the benefits partnering offers a project team.

My life’s work for almost 45 years has been to help as many project teams in the construction industry that I possibly can achieve true success.

This podcast allows this information to be broadcast everywhere and to anyone. We will learn from project leaders who have been in the trenches and from people who have run organizations large and small because all teams can be learned from no matter the size. We can also catch some lessons from what is and isn’t successful; what was done/how did it happen?

We will explore what we can learn and how we can apply it to our lives the next day, to improve your project team and build your construction dream team!

There is nothing I love more than construction. Building things, the thought and planning that goes into it, and how an idea emerges into reality. The people of the construction industry are the salt of the earth and succeed because of their own making. Construction builds the foundation for our entire society. No industry is cooler than construction!

It All Started With a Fist Fight

Sue’s love for construction all started with a fist fight. It was September 1980, I was the new executive director, and it was the first membership meeting for the Construction Trade Association. Dinner had just finished I heard yelling from the men’s restroom. I went over and found out it was 2 members having a fist fight! In this moment, I developed my non-adversarial way. I believed that I could prove to this group that you could be just as successful if not more by cooperating instead of competing. This began a journey over the past 4 decades where I learned you can succeed through cooperation and collaboration, but also consistently achieve things that people thought were impossible! This led to the creation of Construction Dream Team!

This podcast is about making a difference and leaving a legacy. By listening to this podcast, people will learn from industry leaders, experts, and thought leaders so they can immediately take steps to build their construction dream team! This doesn’t require extra time and you can listen while driving, doing chores, or exercising!

Listeners will easily be able to plug into what some say are “the best-kept secrets in the construction industry.” If you think it’s too late, you’re too old, or your project is too far along, we’re here to tell you that it’s never too late to experiment with new ways of doing things or to do old things in new ways!

I love experiments because they require hypotheses – what we think will happen – and then you create a course to test it and learn new things along the way! No matter where you are in your career or organization, there are always ways to improve your team and your team’s outcomes. Some people think they have to wait until everything is just right – the right people, the right time, the right project – but the best time to start is now! Take on small and large experiments as you learn, and we’ll share effective methods for experimenting throughout this podcast. You will hopefully learn exciting ideas from others that you’ll want to implement immediately!

Construction Dream Team is totally committed to supporting you. Please don’t hesitate to share your feedback, questions, or suggestions! Click this link to contact us!

We welcome you to become a part of the community, get our FREE newsletter, and join our Facebook group! We will be a community of people committed to improving the industry and, because it is so fragmented with so many sectors, we believe it is important to come together to build a community of experimenters who want to improve projects and results; experimenters who are willing to learn, try, and try again until we know exactly how to build our construction dream team!

Please join Sue and the Construction Dream Team Podcast every Monday at 4 A.M. PST for new episodes!!!

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