3 Lessons On Personal Branding from Roddy Boggus

  1. Intense preparation allows for spontaneity later when it matters.
  2. Your personal brand is your most important asset.
  3. Become the expert in what you’d like to be known for – read, write, speak, and engage.

This week, host Sue Dyer speaks with Roddy Boggus about the importance of personal branding, why you should stand for something, and how to gain and retain the trust and business of your clients even when a project goes wrong. 

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About Guest Roddy Boggus (1:05)

Roddy is the aviation services Vice President and building services Leader for RS&H. Roddy is an architect who has been working in aviation since 1987. 

Roddy’s Journey to Becoming the VP at RS&H (1:42)

  1. Roddy started in the 70’s in the entertainment and broadcasting industry and feels that’s helped him in his career. (2:00)
  2. He owned his own business during 9/11 and learned a lot. (2:40)
  3. He has had great mentors, the school of hard knocks and preparatory experience. (3:05)

Insights on Roddy’s Greatest Strength as a Leader (3:50) 

  1. Trust and vision with a lot of preparation that allows him to wing things later. (4:00)
  2. Prep-work gives you flexibility and a path to follow.

What to Look at When Hiring Leaders for Teams (5:30)

  1. Trust- You need to know your team can function without you and that they can earn trust from you.
  2. Great communication skills – both speaking, writing and listening.
  3. Technical skills – being competent in basic math and having logical thinking skills.
  4. Someone who can operate in a matrixed environment.
  5. The right personality who can make you smile.

Resources for Project Managers 

How Roddy Has Become Known and Loved in the Industry (10:00)

Roddy has had time to get to know people, but meeting new people didn’t happen overnight – it took a lot of awkward conversations. Writing and speaking a lot helped with becoming known. 

He’s learned to participate through being on boards and panels. There is not a better way to know others than by being involved in organizations that put him in places to know people. 

Looking ahead and being pragmatic is important, you can’t be like someone else.  

The Importance of Creating Your Own Personal Brand and How to Develop Your Own (12:06)

  1. Your personal brand is more important than the brand of your company. (12:25)
  2. Creating your own brand helps you stay in control of how people see you. (13:30)
  3. Take the time to figure out what you’re good at and what you want to be known for, then do it. (14:28)
  4. Find clients who hire you repetitively for what you’re good at. (14:44)
  5. Learn how to do things better than the other guy, then write about it. (15:00)
  6. Start speaking – moderate panels, work through presentations, volunteer to speak, participate in professional organizations. (15:45)
  7. The biggest challenge Roddy has ever faced (18:00)
  8. Ask yourself, is your brand what you want or need it to be? (22:20)
  9. How to approach a team member whose brand is not consistent. (23:00)

The Best Advice Roddy Has Ever Gotten (25:25)

Be honest, own the good and the bad, especially the bad. The best way to make a team work and earn respect is to own the bad so you can have the chance to fix what went wrong. Someone has to take what went wrong and make it right, there’s no point in waiting for someone else. 

Parting Advice From Roddy Boggus (31:21)

  1. Pick one thing that you’re going to be known for in your business and become that expert.
  2. Stand for something and stick with it.

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Email Roddy at roddy.boggus@rsandh.com

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