3 Invaluable Lessons from Sean Graystone

  1. Lean construction principles and methodologies are some of the most effective methods to resolve and help streamline several of the most standard disconnects in the construction industry.
  2. Getting legacy companies to become okay with even the concept of change can be a big undertaking.
  3. You need Partnering to get collaboration and buy-in to make the LEAN paradigm shift.

This week, host Sue Dyer speaks with Sean Graystone about how Lean methodologies and Partnering are inseparable and how to implement these concepts in your organization for better teams and higher rates of project success.

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About Guest Sean Graystone (1:32)

Sean Graystone is the owner of Project Leadership & Delivery LLC. Sean has been a leader in the construction industry since the late 1980s. He discovered LEAN Construction and became a big proponent of the Lean Construction methodology. Sean has used LEAN methods on his projects and has become an expert on how to teach and apply these methods.

Sean’s Journey to Becoming the Founder of Project Leadership and Delivery LLC (3:00)

  1. Sean came upon the construction side and was recruited into a specialty group
  2. Sean began to question the methods that were engaged in and how the company was operated, so he formed his own group in 1988
  3. Around 2009 he moved into owner’s representation and was recruited to do a historic conservation project in Washington D.C.
  4. He became more heavily involved in the AGC Group and LEAN Construction as time went on
  5. He opened up Project Leadership and Delivery at the end of 2017

Sean’s Greatest Strengths as a Leader (11:20)

  1. His ability to think strategically
  2. He has studied and understands how human beings relate to one another – Construction is a human engagement and involves people
  3. Sean believes you have to figure out what motivates people and how to help augment the changes in behavioral understandings

How Can We Marry Collaborative Partnering Structure with Lean? (18:30)

  1. You must create opportunity out of adversity – there is a formula: adversity leads to opportunity and opportunity leads to advantage
  2. LEAN theory says that every mistake is a learning opportunity
  3. In Partnering, you need diversity of types of points of view and people to realize that problems are all interconnected
  4. In LEAN, you Optimize the project, not the parts
  5. Partnering has structure, accountability tools, and its goal is to create a culture of collaboration and to hold everyone accountable to its norms (or buy-in)
  6. Partnering is a part of LEAN assembly – without the Partnering concept, you don’t have a LEAN assembly
  7. Formal Partnering has a place in all high-performance efforts; LEAN takes a whole bunch of other operational changes besides Partnering to create a paradigm shift
  8. Partnering takes training, LEAN takes a lot of training, and both have slightly different paths

Advice for a Project Manager Who’s Interested in Applying Lean (32:30)

You have to educate people and find out how to make people more openminded. Give people valuable information via the LEAN Construction Institute and the Associated General Contractors LEAN Construction Education Program. Provide the advantages to projects which have used LEAN methods. The key to a LEAN environment is continuous improvement.

What Sean is Doing with Project Leadership and Delivery LLC (37:09)

  1. Sean is a Certified Improvement Instructor for the Lean Construction Institute and the AGC’s LCEP Program – he does a lot of teaching and consulting
  2. Sean teaches collaboration, how to drop defensiveness, and how to engage
  3. Sean walks into a broken situation and helps everyone understand and get out of it

Resources for Listeners

Something a Project Leader Could Do Starting Tomorrow (43:37)

Devote yourself to learning and start a project library with some of your favorite books and resources. Ask the people around you for some of their favorite books and discuss the learnings. Remember that construction is a human engagement.

Contact Sean

Website: Project Leadership & Delivery LLC

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sean-graystone-cm-lean-75201b4/

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