3 Invaluable Lessons from Reese Tisdale

  1. Water has an impact on every aspect of our lives, so researching this incredible resource is critical.
  2. Water market regulation has been soft, but it is changing .
  3. Forecasts show, over the next 15 years, it will cost upwards of $15B for water infrastructure repairs and rehabilitation.

This week, host Sue Dyer speaks with Reese Tisdale, the President of Blue Field Research. Reese is an expert on water and its effect on the market and the world around. He shares the politics of how development occurs and water’s role in project development.

Reese’s Water Journey (01:53)

Blue Field Research was founded in 2012. They started the company with the realization that water touches all aspects of our lives from business to personal. They do market research on water for supply companies, investors, and regulators who need more information and insight into what’s happening in the water space.

Defining the Water Market (03:58)

  1. The water market incorporates all aspects of water (water, wastewater, and stormwater) from supply to discharge.
  2. We look at the water market Globally (outside the US), in the US/North America, and Industrial vs. Municipal.
  3. When starting the company, we thought most of the work would be outside the US but they were wrong.
  4. Demand in the US: There are 75,000 water/wastewater systems in the US and over 3 million miles of pipe in the ground.

The Trends in Helping with Infrastructure (06:33)

  1. Systems are old and mapping isn’t good -but companies are getting better at that.
  2. Forecasts show, over the next 15 years, it will cost upwards of $15 billion for repairs and rehabilitation.
  3. The key is rehabilitating more efficiently utilizing technologies in place.
  4. Using different material types will help in building and re-building.
  5. Focusing on workforce management: the aging of the baby boomers, etc.

Meaningful Predictability of Resources (09:43)

  1. Utilizing Artificial Intelligence to make the workforce smarter so they can do other things.
  2. The simple need for remote monitoring.

What the Research is Showing (12:30)

  1. We are starting to see emerging contaminants (algae blooms, etc.).
  2. Impacts on the daily water supply, such as drought.
  3. Utilities are trying to understand what’s real and what’s not.

The Most Insightful Research Bluefield Research Has Done To Date (16:06)

  1. Water market regulation has been soft, but it’s changing.
  2. States are regulating the water market, not the Federal government.

What Bluefield Research Does (19:45)

  1. Help companies understand the market landscape (challenges in the market, opportunities to provide treatment or management).
  2. Provide off the shelf reports, annuals, inside agreements with clients or bespoke research for clients.

The Difference in the “Water Side” of the Water Market (23:00)

  1. They must have enough capacity for new development.
  2. The role of industry and commercial business are treating their own water and becoming more self-sufficient.
  3. Water rates rose 3.5% last year.
  4. Their focus is on how to “reign in” the expenditures of water procurement and discharge.
  5. Utilities need to see the trends so they are acting, not reacting.

The Most Difficult Aspects of Water Research (26:23)

  1. Being true to the data that’s collected.
  2. Staying true to our research methodology.
  3. Clients challenging results based on their own perspective.

The Very Best Advice Reese Has Ever Gotten (29:42)

Look at other companies not from where they are, but from where they started, and measure yourself in the same way.

Reese’s Favorite Piece of Technology (31:21)

The Podcast app in his phone. There’s so much to learn, but some of it is just “waves on the ocean” as well.

Resources for Listeners (32:21)

Book Recommendation: Cadillac Desert (affiliate link) by Marc Reisner Kindle Audible Paperback

Contact Reese (33:20)

Contact Reese on LinkedIn

Blue Field Research Website

Reese’s Parting Advice (34:16)

Truly think about the cost of the glass of water in your hand and all the assets that go into it. Realize how much of an impact water has on our lives.

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