3 Invaluable Lessons from Andrea Hoban

  1. Emotions Matter.
  2. It is important to recognize what you are feeling when we are feeling it because emotions are contagious.
  3. When leaders practice emotional intelligence, team members feel seen and heard and respond in a way that moves the business forward.

This week, host Sue Dyer speaks with Andrea Hoban, who is the Co-Founder and Head of Learning at Oji Life Lab.  Andrea, with over 20 years of experience in leading large teams and building businesses.  Her focus is on how you can use emotional intelligence to improve how you deal with your team.  Join us today to learn about Andrea’s unique model in emotional intelligence.

Andrea’s Journey into Emotional Intelligence  (02:10)

Andrea’s early career was spent managing teams and learning all the wrong lessons from leaders that possess certain skills or lack thereof.  She had the opportunity to lead a function around enterprise training skills, and ultimately into mentoring and coaching where she learned that, “how we experience our own emotions really colors how we see the world.”

A Brief Overview of Emotional Intelligence (EQ)  (04:38)

EQ helps us recognize what we are feeling when we are feeling it because most of us have lost contact with a large variety of feelings.  For example, recognizing the difference between disappointment and anger.  EQ helps us understand the root causes of emotions by providing steps to understand emotions.

How Can Construction Teams Use Emotional Intelligence  (12:57)

  1. Emotions are contagious.
  2. Think about, “Is what I’m feeling what I want people to catch from me?”
  3. Use EQ to discover a thoughtful approach to addressing teams and situations.

Andreas “Unique Model” for EQ (15:55)

  1. Provides two big skills to focus on for regulating emotions.
  2. First, become more aware of what you are feeling.
  3. Use the Mood Mirror tool to measure your emotions.
  4. Second, figure out what emotional state you want.
  5. Use the toolkit of strategies: thinking strategies, action strategies.

How to Develop a “Toolkit of Strategies”  (20:31)

Focus on the strategies that make us feel good and avoid those that we know don’t work. Tune-in to what supports a shift to where we want to go. Whether it’s positive self-talk or a reframing tool, it will help break the cycle of feelings.

What Happens When Your Entire Team Practices These Techniques? (22:20)

  1. Leaders can enhance teams and issue resolution.
  2. Team members respond in ways that moves the business forward.
  3. Allows work to be frictionless.
  4. People feel seen and heard.

Advice on Learning More About EQ (26:16)

  1. Get and read the book, Permission to Feel.
  2. Check out Emotion Life Lab App.

Why/How Andrea Became Involved with Emotional Intelligence (28:10)

Andrea had the opportunity to develop a strategy of training for a large corporation and that led to mentoring and coaching.  When learning to be a coach for others, she discovered that you have to unpack your own baggage.  The journey came from Andrea asking, “How do I help people build skills that make a large difference in the quality of their lives.”

The Very Best Advice Andrea Has Ever Received (29:55)

Emotions matter.  Understanding that emotions are information allows us to explore them with curiosity.  We are less likely to judge ourselves or judge the emotions other people feel.

Resources for Listeners

Contact Andrea

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Oji Life Lab Website

Andrea’s Parting Advice (34:41)

Name it to tame it!  Write down the things we are feeling, several times a day.  The more we start recognizing what we are feeling, the more we are able to deal with the emotions involved.

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