3 Invaluable Lessons from Cliff Wong

  1. Construction Managers need to be focused on integration and collaboration from multiple platforms.
  2. Evolving technology is not the enemy it’s a tool to be used for efficiency
  3. Strong leadership is built on continuous listening and learning, with a foundation in compassion and caring for individuals.

This week, host Sue Dyer speaks with Cliff Wong, the President of PGH Wong Engineering.  He has been around construction since his childhood.  Cliff shares about his journey from that childhood in his den, working with the family business, to being a leader in the industry for project management.

Cliff’s Background and Journey to Becoming President of PGH Wong Engineering (02:29)

Growing up in the business, Cliff would work with his Dad and the rest of his family in what he calls the “den of excitement.”  He observed the engineering and construction business and worked from the ground up, from photocopying to design.  Cliff had a number of opportunities to work in a variety of projects for the company.

Trends in Construction Management Services  (06:45)

  1. Contracting and Delivery Strategies
  2. Collaboration: Need to be one integrated team
  3. Implementation of Technology

The Shifting Role and Responsibilities of the CM  (09:49)

  1. Technology is a tool for efficiency and collaboration
  2. Integrating multiple platforms into the “Common Data Environment”
  3. Continuing a growing trend of Collaboration

Cliff’s Strength as a Leader (17:56)

  1. Leading By Example
  2. Accessibility to staff
  3. Understanding complex issues
  4. Sharing vision
  5. Sharing strengths and weaknesses
  6. Continuing to listen and learn
  7. Compassion and Caring

The Biggest Thing Cliff Learned Through Listening  (19:16)

Discussions of resource issues surrounding the industry  Seeking ways to be attractive to the next generation of engineers.  The goal is to share how rewarding building infrastructure and facilities projects can be.

Cliff’s Greatest Career Challenge and Learning Opportunity (20:39)

He worked for 3 months on utilizing the wrong design thesis on a rail transit system.  Cliff learned that the basis of design is fundamental, the foundational aspects of the design are crucial, experience matters, and humility is key.

The Very Best Advice Cliff Has Ever Received (23:40)

Don’t constrain yourself.  We often put ourselves in boxes, but don’t totally constrain yourself with assumptions and roadblocks that might not actually be true.

Cliff’s Favorite Piece of Technology (24:45)

  • PGH Wong’s Internal Construction Management Software

Resources for Listeners

  • Recommended Books:

The Triumph of Experience  Paperback | Audible

Shoe Dog  Paperback | Audible | Kindle

Contact Cliff

By Email

On LinkedIn

PGH Wong Engineering Website

Cliff’s Parting Advice (28:40)

Watch and observe traits from great construction managers in the industry.  Look out for people that do things that you can’t do, so you can build a complete team.

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