In this episode, host Sue Dyer has guest Donna Rehrmann, who is president of Stomper Company Inc, a demolition company that specializes in improvements in an urban environment. Demolition is a highly competitive and dangerous segment of the construction industry.

3 Important Episode Takeaways

  1. Create trust within the industry, be honest.
  2. Train employees efficiently and provide them with the tools to succeed.
  3. Don’t forget about your family and balancing work responsibilities with family life.

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Donna Rehrmann’s Journey

It has been a 40-year journey with something new and different every day. Donna’s husband started the company, while Donna was doing books at night and working as a registered nurse during the day. She loved the variety that construction had, so she quit nursing to work for the small company where she did a bit of everything. She has had a leadership role for decades in collective bargaining with different construction crafts. Donna was very scared about signing her first collective bargaining agreement, but once she did it everything fell into place and worked out.


Stomperizing is the term used by Donna’s company meaning the training of their people. It involves training employees how to do demolition efficiently and safely, no matter what their initial skill level is. Those who join the team get a lot of training in safety because their main goal is to make sure every employee can go home to their families at the end of a shift.

Donna says the greatest strength of her company is the team members. Once they embrace the culture from “Stomperizing”, they love their jobs and many employees work at Stomper for decades.

Competitive Advantage

Donna says the competitive advantage of her company in the industry is performance; her people are willing to go the extra mile and put in the work needed to be fully prepared for a project. They get a lot of compliments on their employees due to the large amount of pride that the Stomper employees put into their work. They always celebrate a job well done.

Family First

Donna knows the importance of family in her life. She had learned early on in her career that home time is family time and it is important to take that time.

Best Advice

The best advice Donna has ever received was from her husband, “Be honest and don’t BS anyone. If you don’t know, tell them so; do your homework and then get back to them”. Trust is very important in the industry and this can be built by being honest.

Listener Resource

The resource Donna provides is the United Contractors website,, and to look at their award-winning magazines.

Parting Advice

Donna believes labor and the employees are the most important assets in a company. She suggests that people take the time to train, educate and empower their employees; to trust that they will do their jobs fully and efficiently. The end result is the most important thing, so give your employees freedom on that journey to the end result.

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